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Kodak’s Yves Behar-designed Super 8 camera will sell for ‘around $2,500’

Kodak’s Yves Behar-designed Super 8 camera will sell for ‘around $2,500’


Apparently you can put a price on nostalgia

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Kodak first announced its revival of the classic Super 8 camera two years ago at CES 2016. The company didn’t have too many details on the Yves Béhar-designed project at this year’s show, but it did have an updated price to share: around $2,500 to $3,000.

That’s a pretty hefty price tag, because the company had originally planned to release a limited edition version in fall 2016 for between $400 and $750, with a less expensive model planned for sometime in 2017.

The company is now saying that it expects to release the camera sometime this year. But with the dramatic increase in expected price, it’ll likely be more of a novelty for extremely wealthy or nostalgic filmmakers than a second coming of the Super 8 era.

Along with the updated price and release window, Kodak also showed off a demo reel of footage shot on the revised Super 8 camera, which looks nice and has that authentic film grain look that you can’t really get from digital cameras. Whether or not that’s worth $2,500 — plus film and development costs — will depend on how nostalgic you are for the ’60s.