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Nomad’s new wireless charger is also a four-port USB hub

Nomad’s new wireless charger is also a four-port USB hub


It even has USB-C

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Image: Nomad

The Nomad Wireless Hub is another new take on wireless charging pads, combining a regular Qi charger on top with a four-port USB charging hub hidden on the bottom for an all-in-one desktop charging solution that can charge up to five gadgets at once.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Wireless Hub is that it’s big. Compared to the coaster-like thinness of most wireless chargers, Nomad’s offering is over an inch thick. It’s also pretty wide, which is good for anyone concerned about their phone sliding off and falling from that high up. It also leaves more room to miss the coil in the center of the charger.

On the bottom, there are four integrated USB charging ports, which are largely the reason why the Wireless Hub is so big. There’s one USB-C port (supporting 3A output, which Nomad claims is enough to support quick-charging on an iPhone X assuming you’ve got a Lightning to USB-C cable handy), one USB Type-A (2.4A output), two USB Type-A (1A output), and a barrel plug for the included power adaptor.

The wireless charger maxes out at 7.5W, which is enough for fast charging Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8, but not Samsung’s recent smartphones, which need 9W for their peak fast charging.

At $79.95, it’s definitely a bit pricey, especially considering that there are plenty of cheaper chargers out there. But if you’re really interested streamlining your desk setup with a combined wireless charger and USB hub, you can probably make the math work.

Size aside, the rest of the Wireless Hub is put together well, with a solid-feeling heft from the weighted base that other, smaller chargers lack. In another nice touch, the hub uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the LEDs, which glow orange while charging and light up white to indicate a full charge.

The Nomad Wireless Hub is available now from Nomad’s website.