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Bourge Design’s wireless charger is beautiful and expensive


Photo: Bourge Design

Bourge Design, the company behind the Arc Hub — one of the best USB-C hubs around — is back with its next device, a wireless charger named Venus. Much like the Arc Hub, Venus is a simple idea combined with high-end materials. It’s made from glass and aluminum, and features simple tweaks that should make charging your smartphone a bit easier.

Spec-wise Venus hits all the marks. Its a 10W Qi charger powered by USB-C, which means it can fast-charge any current smartphone. It comes an additional USB-C port on the front and a USB 3.0 fast charging port to top off your other devices that may not support wireless charging. The company says the triangular design was used so that Venus could work with phones that have camera bumps to avoid disconnections. There’s an aluminum bar near the bottom to keep your phone from sliding on the glass surface, and it features an LED indicator to let you know that your phone is actually connected. Venus also supports both landscape and portrait charging.

Photo: Bourge Design

You can also pair two Venus units to create a charging hub for multiple devices. While the design is great and the technical aspects seem to be in line, the issue for most people will be the price. Venus currently costs $89 if you preorder it, and will cost $99 when it’s officially released in Q2 of 2018. That’s not exactly cheap, and with our top pick coming in at $50, it’s a hard sell. But if you favor great design over everything, Venus is a strong option.

You can preorder Venus today from Bourge Design’s website.