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Amazon Echo Spot launches in the UK, Germany, and Austria

Amazon Echo Spot launches in the UK, Germany, and Austria


First locations outside the US

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

After launching in the US a little over a month ago, Amazon’s Echo Spot is starting to ship internationally. Its first stops are the UK, Germany, and Austria, where the small new Alexa device goes on sale today.

The Echo Spot is Amazon’s second Echo device with a touchscreen. And while it can do all the same things as the much larger Echo Show, its clock-like shape and size mean it’s better used in much different ways, like as a bedside alarm. At least, so long as you’re comfortable with the Spot’s built-in webcam constantly staring at you.

Amazon sells the Echo Spot for $130 in the US, and while that price tag carries over, it ends up being more expensive elsewhere after converting currencies. It’ll sell for £119.99 in the UK (about $170 USD) and €129.99 in Germany and Austria (about $161 USD).

Initially, Amazon was slow about expanding the availability of its Echo products outside the US — the original Echo went two years before expanding to the UK and Germany. But last year, Amazon started to be a lot quicker. The Echo Show came to the those two countries just a few months after its initial launch. It’s also been expanding to more countries; the latest are Australia and New Zealand, where Echo devices are supposed to launch next week.