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This might be the first Chrome OS tablet

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The photo of the Acer tablet was snapped at the Bett education and technology show in London

A photo emerged in a now-deleted tweet of what appears to be an Acer tablet running Chrome OS. The photo was snapped by an attendee at the Bett education and technology show in London and was spotted by ChromeUnboxed. The photo shows what would be the first ever Chrome OS tablet. There's a visible Acer logo on the bottom bezel.

There aren’t any specific details, but ChromeUnboxed notes that the tablet likely has a display of between eight inches and 10 inches and also has a Staedtler stylus.

Grade 1, 2, 3 look what’s coming your way… Not official released but a ChromeOS tablet @chromeunboxed #BETT2018@LadyWesner @cloud_ed

— Alister Payne (@Alister_Payne) January 25, 2018

Google’s Chrome OS has long been the foundation of Chromebook laptops, and we’ve noted in the past that Google would be eyeing tablets next. Google has previously stated that “partners will be able to build a variety of form factors with Chrome OS including convertibles, detachables and tablets.” The company hasn’t said whether it’ll be making a Chrome OS-based tablet itself.

Details for this Acer tablet are scant, though we might get an official reveal at Google’s I/O developer conference in May.