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Mophie's latest battery pack is powerful enough to charge your 15-inch MacBook Pro

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Mophie's launching a new external battery today that can charge your massive gadgets. The Mophie Powerstation AC features a capacity of 22,000mAh and is capable of 100W AC output, which could provide up to 15 hours of extra battery life for a MacBook. If you aren't charging through the AC output, you can use the built-in USB-C port. That USB-C port features 30W USB-PD charging technology. (Remember: you need that USB-PD label to fast charge your iPhone X or iPhone 8, and you'll also need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable.) There's also an output for traditional USB-A devices. The Powerstation AC costs $199.95.

Now, I realize that price tag isn't great. $200 for a battery! But it's actually not that strange. USB-PD batteries are already expensive, and that rare 100W output hikes the price up even higher. A similar external battery from RAVPower costs $129.99. Mophie does charge a lot for batteries, but in this case it's not necessarily outlandish.