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LG launches pink V30 ahead of CES

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A distinct new shade of underachievement

LG V30
LG V30 in Raspberry Rose
Photo: LG

LG’s pre-CES announcements have so far been high on technology and low on frills, but today the company goes the other way by issuing a new color for its flagship V30 smartphone. Described as a “romance-inspiring” Raspberry Rose, this deep pink shade joins the four other V30 color options on offer from LG and will be available to buy with plenty of time ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately for US romantics, however, the Raspberry Rose V30 is only going to be on sale in Asia and Europe.

Photo: LG

The V30 is one of the more attractive Android smartphones right now, combining an excellent, waterproof design with the best headphone audio out of any smartphone to date. But, in my time reviewing the phone, I found it to have a disappointingly poor OLED display and an underwhelming camera. Making the V30 pink isn’t going to do anything to improve those downsides, however the distinctive new color will certainly help the V30 attract more eyeballs when it makes its debut at CES in Las Vegas.

Photo: LG