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Corsair’s snack-proof keyboard gets upgraded with rainbow LEDs

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Corsair’s snack-proof gaming keyboard, the K68, was pretty great when it launched last year, demonstrating a remarkable resistance to soda and snacks. But it had one fatal flaw (okay, two, if you count pouring an entire bottle of Mountain Dew on it for science) — it only came with boring red LED lights.

Fortunately, Corsair has a new variant of the K68, the K68 RGB, which adds the whole spectrum of colors to your keys. Like Corsair’s other LED-equipped accessories, the K68 RGB is customizable through the company’s Cue software, allowing you to perfectly set your colors to match the rest of your gaming rig’s lighting.

Image: Corsair

The K68 RGB is otherwise identical to the original K68, with the same IP32 rating that should protect against mild spills and dust. It’s not the best water and dust resistance we’ve seen on a gaming keyboard — that honor goes to Razer’s IP54-rated BlackWidow, which should in theory hold up a little better to liquid and dust ingress than the K68, but it also only comes in a single shade of green LEDs, unlike the chromatic options of the K68 RGB.

The K68 RGB costs $119.99, or $20 more than the single-colored K68. Unlike the K68, which only offered Cherry MX Red switches, the RGB model offers a choice between Cherry MX Red or the clicker MX Blue options.