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Boston startup Starry expands its wireless broadband beta service to LA and DC

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200 Mbps speeds with no cables


Today, internet service provider Starry announced it would be rolling out its wireless broadband service to Los Angeles and Washington, DC, with the two cities joining Boston as the first to support the service, according to Multichannel. Like the initial Boston rollout, Starry’s service will be available in select areas of the cities to start, and it will expand over time as the company builds out its infrastructure.

Starry uses local antennas to beam internet directly using millimeter wave band technology — the same short-range, high-speed frequency range that 5G technology will be relying on, although Starry predates the formal 5G standard and isn’t technically 5G. For now, the company is only promising 200 Mbps download speeds, but the ultimate goal is for Starry to deliver gigabit speeds completely over the air.

Starry, founded in 2016 by Aereo co-founder Chaitanya “Chet” Kanojia, sells its service for $50 a month, a price that includes the company’s Starry Station Wi-Fi hub / router, with no contracts or data caps. In addition to LA and DC, Starry is also hoping to offer service in over a dozen markets later this year, including New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, and Minneapolis.