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These sunglasses record video like Spectacles but can post straight to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

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They look cooler too

Remember Spectacles, Snapchat’s video-recording sunglasses that debuted to great fanfare only for the company to lose $40 million after sales cratered? Well, another company is taking a chance on the concept with a pair of smart sunglasses called ACE Eyewear. While Spectacles could only post directly to Snapchat, wearers can use ACE Eyewear to live stream video and post clips and stills to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube via a smartphone app.

Made by Acton (a company known for its electric skateboards), the sunglasses can take 8-megapixel photos and capture HD video. The camera view is a wide 120-degrees, and you take photos or start recording video by clicking the shutter button on the top left-hand side of the frame.

The battery gets you 1.5 hours of continuous recording, or 80 hours on standby. And if you’re a regular at the beach or music festivals and want to record all your antics, the sunglasses are dust and waterproof and come with 4GB of memory. One major point of difference from Spectacles is that the ACE Eyewear records in a more standard rectangular format than Spectacles’ idiosyncratic round videos. They can also shoot continuously for 40 minutes which is arguably more convenient than Spectacles’ limiting 30 second videos.

A clip shot on the Ace Eyewear

The ACE Eyewear sunglasses are available for preorder now for $99.00 (a 50 percent discount from the regular price of $199) and early bird shipping is expected to begin in April. You can check out a video promo for ACE Eyewear below, complete with tired, lame nagging girlfriend trope.