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Circuit Breaker

The Sgnl wristband lets you hear phone calls through your fingers

sgnl innomdle

Innomdle Lab is a South Korean startup that was spun out of Samsung’s incubator, and it’s just about ready to launch its first product: Sgnl, a wristband-slash-watch strap that turns your fingers into a phone receiver. When paired with a phone, you can hear callers by touching your finger to your ear; the vibrations travel down your wrist to your fingertip.

The device also has fitness tracking and notification functionality, and it can be fit to pretty much any analog or smart watch or worn by itself. The audio quality was decent in my brief testing, and Innomdle says that Sgnl should be shipping in March, so we shouldn’t have long to find out how well it works in practice.

sgnl innomdle