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This mesh router is also an Alexa-equipped speaker

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A gadget that's part mesh router, part Alexa speaker seems like the logical next step in our collective gadget evolution, and Asus is taking us there. The company announced its Lyra Voice today, which functions as both a mesh router and an Alexa speaker. The future's here. It connects with other Lyra Wi-Fi hubs to create the mesh system, can be customized through a companion app, and supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi. So this speaker router makes sure you have Wi-Fi everywhere while also allowing you to play music, hear the news, or check the weather through Alexa. Sure!

This Frankenstein gadget actually doesn't sound like such a bad idea. At least it prevents you from needing to buy multiple things. The fewer gadgets we have to stuff into one space, the better. Although if it was a Bluetooth speaker instead, you could use whatever assistant you've chosen on your phone. I can't imagine many Pixel owners getting psyched about having to use Alexa.


The company's also announcing another router with a strange pyramid design. You can see it above. The Lyra Trio also pairs with Asus' companion app and is compatible with Asus' mesh Wi-Fi system. Both the Trio and the Lyra Voice will be available during the first half of 2018, although Asus isn't saying how much they'll cost.