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Sony’s latest truly wireless earbuds are designed for fitness

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All of Sony’s new earbuds offer sweat resistance

After entering the truly wireless earbuds market with the WF-1000X last year, Sony is back again with a new pair designed for active folks. The new WF-SP700N earbuds feature digital noise cancellation and are IPX4-rated for splash and sweat resistance. Sony is promising strong bass performance and says the battery lasts three hours — plenty of time for a run or gym visit. The included “one-touch open” case holds two additional charges for a total of 9 hours before you need to recharge everything. The earbuds cost $179.99 and will ship this spring. Sony says Google Assistant integration will be added in a future firmware update.

The WF-SP700N come in four color options.

Sony is introducing two other sets of traditional wireless Bluetooth earbuds here at CES. The WI-SP600N neckbuds also offer noise cancellation to drown out the clanking of weights and machines at the gym, and they’ve got the same IPX4 splash-proof rating. Since they’re not truly wireless, battery life for continuous listening is better; Sony claims they’ll last 6 hours. The WI-SP600N earbuds will retail for $149.99.

Sony’s WI-SP600N neckbuds feature noise cancellation and IPX4 sweat and water resistance.

Last up is the funkiest-looking set of the bunch — and that’s saying something since the truly wireless buds are very... unique. The WI-SP500 offer 8 hours of battery life and IPX4 water resistance. You lose out on the noise cancellation feature, but if all you want are solid workout earbuds, these might get the job done. They’re also the cheapest product in the line at $79.99.

All three products offer easy NFC pairing if you’ve got an Android phone. And again, all are rated IPX4, which par for the course for fitness-focused wireless earbuds. Sony says noise cancellation is a rarity in the category, however.