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Tile is putting its location-tracking tech in all kinds of gadgets

Tile is putting its location-tracking tech in all kinds of gadgets


Like Bose SoundSport Wireless and Boosted boards

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Bose QuietControl 30

Tile wants to track all your gadgets, even those without a tracker attached. Today the company announced that it has partnered with multiple companies that'll soon incorporate its location sharing technology in their products. Bose, Boosted (the maker of Boosted board), Samsonite, Herschel Supply, and Propeller Health (a maker of connected inhalers) will all allow users to track their devices through Tile's location tracking platform and app, without the need for an actual Tile tracker. 

Bose SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones will receive a firmware update this spring that'll let wearers track their headphones. The update allows the headphones to work like any other Tile-connected product. Bose wearers can ring their headphones so long as their within Bluetooth range. If they're out of range, they can see where they last were, or mark them as lost and hope another Tile user comes across them. Tile's relying on the built-in speakers inside the headphones to make the ringer work, whereas the Boosted board won't have a ringer built-in. The companies are both able to add these features without having to add more hardware to their products.

The idea behind all these products using Tile's technology is that the more people are on Tile's platform, the more effective tracking will be for everyone. The company hopes to eventually location track everything and essentially destroy the concept of losing something.

Tile also says it's made additional "access point partnerships" that'll help the company retrieve location information. There aren't many details for now, but Tile says it'll partner with Comcast, Rucks Networks, and the San Jose International Airport to help wearers find their stuff.