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Hisense is also bringing Google Assistant to its top 2018 TV models

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In addition to Alexa

Hisense H10E.
Image: Hisense

Last week, Hisense announced that it’d be bringing Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant to some of its 2018 TV lineup. But here at CES 2018, Hisense has taken the wraps off its new products, and with a surprising twist: while several TVs in the lineup are getting Amazon’s virtual assistant, it’ll be joined on the company’s two most premium models — the H10E and the H9E Plus — by Google Assistant, which, unlike Alexa, will actually get a dedicated button on those models’ remotes.

H10E is the top-of-the-line model for Hisense this year, an updated version of the H10D model from last year. This year’s model is brighter at 2200 nits (versus last year’s 1000 nits), switches from Hisense’s OS to Android TV, and features a slight updated design alongside the aforementioned Google Assistant and Alexa voice compatibility. And it’s one of Hisense’s few TVs that have Dolby Vision HDR, too. It’s only available in a 75-inch size, and no price or release date has been announced.

Hisense H9E Plus.
Image: Hisense

The H9E Plus is the other high-end model, a more feature-filled version of the (also updated) H9E model. Like the H10E, it has Android TV, Dolby Vision, and works with both Google Assistant and Alexa. It comes in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes, although like Hisense’s other TVs, neither the price nor release date has been announced.

The rest of Hisense’s lineup is a little more pedestrian. There’s the regular H9E model, which is getting Alexa but still runs Hisense’s own proprietary platform, as does the H8E, and at the bottom of the scale, the company’s entry level H6E model is getting a slightly updated design, with no smart assistants at all. No prices or release dates for any of these models have been announced either, but they all should be coming out in the US at some point in 2018.