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Philips’ new kitchen TV takes on the Echo Show with Google Assistant

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At least YouTube still works

Philips 7703 Series TV
Image: Philips

There’s no Google Assistant device with a screen like the Echo Show, but Philips has hacked together the next best thing at CES this year, grafting a 24-inch Android TV panel onto a Bluetooth speaker with an integrated microphone that’s meant to live on your kitchen counter. And if you squint at it really hard, you can pretend its sort of like a big Echo Show that happens to still be able to play YouTube.

The company hasn’t said anything regarding specs, so there’s no word on whether this is a 4K screen or any word on HDR (although as a guess, if Philips isn’t volunteering the information, the answer is probably neither). And as a reminder, Philips just exists as a licensed brand at this point as the US label for Funai’s panels, so it’s quite literally a Philips TV in name only.

The Philips 7703 Series Kitchen Android TV will be available sometime in the second half of 2018, although pricing and an exact release date haven’t been announced.