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Netgear’s new gaming router and LAN switch are pricey safeguards against lag and DDoS attacks

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$299.99 each for the router and LAN switch to optimize connection speeds, reduce lag, and protect your IP address

Image: Netgear

Netgear today announced a pair of gaming-focused connectivity products at CES that offer a dizzying array of customization and prioritization options designed for connection-dependent online play. While overkill for your average player, both products are high-end safeguards against the perils of multiplayer gaming, including everything from lag and latency woes to distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) that are now commonplace in competitive titles.

The first device, an update to Netgear’s Nighthawk Pro line, is the company’s XR500 gaming router, which comes with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, four gigabit Ethernet ports, and a gaming-focused software dashboard for monitoring bandwidth usage and enabling geofilters to prevent connections to laggy players connecting in faraway locales. The XR500 also comes with a built-in gaming VPN client to protect your identity online, which goes a long way in preventing DDoS attacks that force you offline by way of spamming your IP address.

Image: Netgear

The company’s new Nighthawk Pro LAN Switch (SX10) is equally as robust. It’s an eight-port switch, each one capable of gigabit connections, with two five-speed 10-gigabit uplinks. This LAN switch also gets access to Netgear’s Gaming Dashboard software for monitoring bandwidth usage and special integration with the Nighthawk Pro router series to maximize connection speed and reduce latency. Both devices are available now for $299.99 each.