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Corsair releases a new wireless mechanical keyboard and a mouse pad that doubles as a wireless charger

Corsair releases a new wireless mechanical keyboard and a mouse pad that doubles as a wireless charger


The K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with a Lapboard for couch gaming, as well as the Dark Core RGB Mouse

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Image: Corsair

On the first day of CES, Corsair announced a whole new range of wireless gaming peripherals, including a new mechanical keyboard and a mouse pad charger hybrid. So, in case you haven’t quite arrived at the perfect gaming setup yet, some of these accessories might be for you.

The K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, which was a CES 2018 Innovation Award honoree, has the classic Cherry MX Red mechanical keyswitches. The keyboard can connect either via a 1ms 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection or a wired USB connection.

Corsair claims that the K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has up to 75 hours of rechargeable battery life. The keyboard has per-key customizable blue LED backlighting. The keys can also be programmed for macros if that’s how you game. The keyboard includes 128-bit AES encryption to prevent against keylogging. It also cuts out the usual numeric keypad for a minimalist setup. The keyboard can be combined with the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard (sold separately or as a bundle) for some couch gaming. The lapboard holds the keyboard in place with memory foam cushion, and it comes with a replaceable mouse pad that provides room and pixel-precise tracking. The keyboard costs $109.99, and the lapboard costs $59.99. You can purchase them together at a discount for $159.99.

Corsair also announced a new Dark Core RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse that has the same Bluetooth and USB connectivity as the keyboard. It has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, which is unnecessarily high, but the new standard for premium gaming mice. The mouse has a contoured shape and can be customized with two magnetic side grips. The mouse also has nine programmable buttons.

Like all trendy gaming gear, the Dark Core mouse flashes in customizable RBG lighting that can be set in different patterns and effects to match all the other RBG gaming gear you might have. Corsair claims its mice have up to 24 hours of battery life.

Corsair also announced today that the Dark Core RBG mouse will be compatible with Qi wireless charging, and there’s a new Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad for this exact purpose. The Dark Core mouse and the MM1000 mouse pad are available later this month. The mouse costs $79.99, or $89.99 if you want Qi wireless capabilities.

The mouse pad can also double up as a charger for the Galaxy Note 8s and iPhone 8 and X. For those who don’t have Qi compatibility, the mouse pad also has a USB Micro-B, Type-C, and Lightning Qi charging adapters.

It’s a pretty big mouse pad, at 10.2 x 13.8 inches, which can be annoying if your gaming table is small and narrow like mine is. It’s also priced at a whopping $79.99. With that amount of money, you can already buy a nice mouse pad and separate wireless charger, so you’ll have to weigh whether a mouse pad charger hybrid should be worth much more than its parts. Maybe, the convenience is worth the splurge.