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iOttie may have finally made the wireless charger of my dreams

iOttie may have finally made the wireless charger of my dreams


USB-C, an extra power port, and an elegant design

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I have tried a lot of wireless chargers, and I still haven’t found the perfect one. What I’m looking for shouldn’t be too difficult, and yet, after going through piles of chargers, I’m still searching. But iOttie’s new iON Wireless Fast Charging Pad, announced among a whole bunch of other chargers at CES, might have finally delivered.

To recap, my qualifications for a charger are simple:

  • Supports Qi charging (which is pretty tough not to find)
  • Supports fast charging for both Android and iOS (at least 10W)
  • Uses USB-C, not a proprietary connector or an outdated Micro USB cable
  • Looks nice on my desk or dresser (which is a vaguer category, but at the very least means no giant glowing LEDs)

iOttie’s Wireless Fast Charging Pad looks to deliver on all those points. It’s a Qi charger that supports up to 10W total output, accepts input via USB-C, and comes in five different colors of soft-touch fabric that looks nice and shouldn’t scratch my phone. (There’s also a silicone ring that should keep devices from sliding off.) And as an added bonus, there’s also a regular USB Type-A port on the back for charging a second device, like a smartwatch or pair of wireless headphones.

My one qualm is that it doesn’t come with a wall brick in the box, which means I’ll have to provide my own. Other than that, it really looks like iOttie might have pulled it off. That said, the company hasn’t announced a price or release date yet outside of sometime in Q1 2018, so there’s still room for this one to fall through... but I’m trying to remain optimistic.

Along with the Wireless Fast Charging Pad, iOttie also has several other new wireless chargers to show off at CES. There’s the iON Wireless Fast Charging Stand, which is similar in style to the aforementioned pad, but tilts the phone upward at a 65-degree angle for those who prefer angled chargers (but at the cost of the extra USB Type-A port), and the iON Wireless Fast Charging Mini Pad, an even smaller version of the full-size flat pad that also lacks the extra charging port.

Both of those chargers also lack prices and concrete release dates, but for the sake of my desk aesthetics, hopefully they’ll be out soon.