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Libratone’s sweat-proof Track+ neckbuds have adaptive noise canceling

Libratone Track+
Libratone Track+
Photo: Libratone

Libratone has been one of the most aggressive audio companies in embracing alternatives to the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, and today it adds to its family of products with the new Track+ neckbuds. These are essentially the wireless version of the wired (via either Lightning or USB-C) Q Adapt earphones that the company already offers. The Track+ have the same basic shape and the same adjustable noise cancellation as the Q Adapt models. My experience with the USB-C Q Adapt has been highly positive, with a pleasingly warm sound and effortless comfort. If the Track+ can re-create those good things while ditching the connector, they would be quite an attractive option — and one without the ecosystem lock-in of having to choose between Lightning and USB-C.

Priced at $199, the Libratone Track+ are at the higher end of the market for wireless earphones in the neckbud style. Beyerdynamic’s $99 Byron BT remain my benchmark for affordable and uncomplicated wireless in-ear audio, and I’m not quite convinced that Libratone’s alternative has enough in the way of superior sound quality or exercise friendliness to justify its loftier price tag. In any case, the Libratone Track+ will be on sale from, Amazon, and other retailers starting early in the new year.