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This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper


LG Display is stealing the show at CES again

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We come to CES to see the most outlandish and extravagant developments in tech, and few live up to such a description as well as LG Display’s new rollable OLED TV. It’s the successor to 2016’s rollable 18-inch display panel, only now it’s been scaled up to 65 inches and a full 4K resolution.

Looking at it up close, I could detect no difference between this rollable panel and LG Display’s other, profoundly gorgeous OLED TVs. It’s as crisp and vibrant and beautiful as the rest of the company’s OLED portfolio, only it’s that extra bit thinner, allowing it to be rolled down (kinda like a projector screen flipped on its head).

LG Display’s demo showed a couple of neat uses of the tech: with the press of a button, the TV would sink down just enough to shift its aspect ratio from 16:9 to the cinematic 21:9, meaning you can enjoy your ultrawide movies without the need for any black bars at all. With another press of the remote control, the panel sinks even deeper into its base box, leaving only a wide strip at the top that can be used to show smart home information, music controls, or whatever other ambient updates you want to see.

There’s no price or availability to speak of here, because this is still only a prototype looking for a TV brand to pick it up and try to sell it as a retail product. But it’s a very, very cool prototype.