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B&O Play’s truly wireless Beoplay E8 headphones now come in new black and white colors

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Ebony and ivory

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Image: B&O Play

B&O Play’s truly wireless Beosound E8 headphones have only been out for a few months, but the company is already launching some new limited edition colors at CES 2018.

The headphones originally launched in two-tone black / dark gray and gray / tan colors, but now B&O Play is embracing solid colors, with new “all black” and “all white” options.

Image: B&O Play

The all black and all white colors are more restrained than some of B&O Play’s past colorways, like the tangerine Beoplay H4s, but they do have a certain stark minimal appeal that the original models lacked. As for the Beoplay E8’s sound, reports from around The Verge staff are mixed. My colleague Chris Welch is a fan of their sound, while Dan Seifert had problems with their fit, so your mileage may vary.

The new colors will be available on B&O Play’s website and other retailers starting in February; they will cost the same $299 that the standard colors currently sell for.