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Huawei’s upcoming Mate 20 Pro flagship leaks in full

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Why wait for October 16th?


Huawei has been teasing October 16th as the launch date for its upcoming Mate 20 Pro flagship, but you won’t have to wait that long to find out details for the new phone: nearly everything about it (down to some high-resolution images) have leaked, courtesy of

So we know exactly what the phone will look like: a large, 6.39-inch OLED display with a notch on top and a chin on the bottom with a resolution of 3120 x 1440. Like the P20 Pro from earlier this year, there’s a Leica-powered triple-camera system on the back featuring 40-megapixel, 20-megapixel, and 8-megapixel lenses. (The Mate 20 Pro arranges its cameras in a square, instead of a straight line.)

The front-facing camera in the wider notch is still a 24-megapixel shooter, but Huawei is supposedly adding an IR laser system similar to the iPhone X and XS to improve even further on the face-unlocking feature from the P20 Pro. There’s also an in-display fingerprint sensor and wireless charging capabilities, which were noticeably absent on the P20 Pro.


Curiously, the Mate 20 Pro is also said to work as a wireless charging pad. So you’ll be able to share some battery life from a Mate 20 Pro to wirelessly recharge headphones or a friend’s phone while out and about, assuming the report is true.

The leak also claims that while the Mate 20 Pro won’t have a microSD card slot, it will support “Nano Memory Cards” — a new proprietary memory card format from Huawei in the shape of a Nano SIM card, which will be in capacities up to 256GB.


On the internal hardware side of things, the Mate 20 Pro will come with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage, depending on the country and specific model. (Exact SKUs aren’t yet known.) The phone is powered by Huawei’s latest 7nm Kirin 980 octacore processor, which it claimed at IFA 2018 would offer dramatic speed and power efficiency improvements over both Huawei’s previous chips and its biggest competitor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845. We’ll have to wait and see how the Mate 20 Pro holds up in real life before making any judgments.

Rounding things out are a 4,200mAh battery, IP68 dust and water resistance, and the latest Android 9 Pie (running Huawei’s EMUI 9.0 skin, of course).