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Libratone’s affordable Zipp and Zipp Mini speakers now support AirPlay 2

Months after Apple first listed the devices as AirPlay 2 compatible

libratone Zipp beach

AirPlay 2 support is now available for Libratone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers, the Zipp and Zipp Mini, the company announced on Twitter today.

Apple first announced a series of third-party devices designed to work with AirPlay 2 back in May, which included speakers from Sonos and Bang & Olufsen, alongside Libratone. The Zipp and Zipp Mini run for $299 and $249, respectively, which is $50 and $100 less, respectively, than customers would cough up for an Apple HomePod. The Zipp and Zipp Mini are, however, still more expensive than Sonos’ $199 One speaker.

Zipp and Zipp Mini owners can update their speakers for free through the iOS app, according to Libratone. The company noted that AirPlay 2 would not be available on “legacy speakers like classic Live/Lounge/Zipp/Loop and Diva will not support AirPlay 2.”

Some Zipp and Zipp Mini users have complained about the update not appearing in their mobile app. Advice from Libratone’s Twitter account suggests restarting the app, turning the speaker off, or trying to log in with another user if this occurs.