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Mighty’s ‘iPod Shuffle for Spotify’ gets a bigger battery and better Bluetooth

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Image: Mighty

The Mighty, a music player that behaves a lot like a Spotify-connected iPod Shuffle, has been updated for 2018. The new Mighty Vibe bumps the battery life from four to five hours if you’re using wireless headphones, has an improved Bluetooth antenna for better range, and a redesigned companion app.

Otherwise, the music player offers the same basic functionality as its Kickstarter-funded predecessor. You load your Spotify playlists onto the device for offline playback, and can then control playback via a combination of voice commands (to select the correct playlist) and limited physical controls. If you liked the look of the original Mighty, then this model offers more of the same.

The biggest problem with the original device was that it lacked the shuffle functionality of its inspiration, the iPod Shuffle, but this was later added with a software update along with support for podcast playback and integration with Spotify’s auto-generated playlists. You can order the Mighty Vibe for $85.99 now.