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SimpliSafe releases a new smart doorbell with a wide angle camera

SimpliSafe releases a new smart doorbell with a wide angle camera

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Image: SimpliSafe

Home security system company SimpliSafe launched a new smart standalone doorbell today with heat sensors and motion detectors. It’s the company’s first product that’s technically not inside the home.

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro has a wide angle 1080p camera that supports HDR with a 162-degree field of view, that’s just short of seeing everything front of it. It has two-way audio equipped with noise and echo cancellation that’s supposed to minimize background noise. The camera also supports heat signature detection and human motion detection. (The latter will be activated as part of an update in the coming weeks and could make identification more accurate.) Camera recording is available on a subscription-based plan for $5 a month for a single camera or $10 a month for unlimited cameras.

If you don’t have SimpliSafe products, the doorbell still works on its own

The doorbell could serve as a decent introduction to SimpliSafe’s products if you haven’t tried them. It’s a standalone product that can work on its own or along with the rest of the smart home products the company offers.

Design-wise, the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro looks a lot like its competitors from Nest or Blink: it’s an elongated oval in the same default white, black, and blue colors. It costs $169 and is available online and in Best Buy stores in the US. The doorbell comes with faceplates in black, white, and green at Best Buy, with more options to come later on.