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Corsair lowers the cost of super speedy NVMe storage with new MP510

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Image: Corsair

Corsair’s latest SSD, the MP510, is the fastest storage drive the company has ever produced, and one of the fastest available from any manufacturer. These internal M.2 drives are available in capacities ranging from 240GB to almost 2TB with prices that could potentially tempt you.

The MP510 offers sequential read speeds of 3,448MBps and write speeds of 3,000MBps via its NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 interface in a form factor that’s about the size of a large stick of gum. For context, Samsung’s popular competitor, the 970 Evo, can handle 3,400MBps in reads and 2,500MBps in writes per second, giving Corsair’s drive the theoretical edge.

Image: Corsair

Whether you’ll actually feel Corsair’s spec advantage in day-to-day usage is another matter entirely. The jump from mechanical drives to solid state offered a massive leap in performance, and the more recent transition from SATA to M.2 delivered yet more gains. Comparatively, the differences between different M.2 drives feel much more incremental — although that could vary depending on your usage.

The more important difference might end up being one of cost. Corsair’s latest drive is priced to compete starting at $69.99 for the 240GB model, up to $474.99 for 1920GB. That compares to $99.99 for the 250GB model of Samsung’s 970 Evo or $577.99 for 1920GB. The MP510 drives are available now.