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Beats by Dre is launching a Mickey Mouse edition of its Solo 3 headphones

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For the iconic mouse’s 90th anniversary

Beats by Dre is partnering with Disney to release a Mickey Mouse edition of the Solo 3 Wireless headphones. The headphones were announced yesterday with a marketing campaign featuring Lil Yachty, among other artists. They will come with a felt case inspired by the materials from Mickey Mouse ear hats and include a 90th anniversary enamel pin and decal sticker.

The headphones only come in a gray color, and they are now available to preorder for $329.95 on Amazon, which is about $30 more than the retail price for standard Solo 3s. They will be released on November 11th, and you can purchase them from,, and Best Buy. Disney debuted Mickey Mouse in 1928, so we’re about to see a lot more brand collaborations this year. We’ve already seen this adorable Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini, and more are likely on the way.