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Apple Watch embraces USB-C with new charging cable

Apple Watch embraces USB-C with new charging cable


Charge your Watch from your MacBook and maybe new iPad Pro

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Continuing its move towards embracing USB Type-C, Apple has released a charging cable for the Apple Watch that uses the new connectivity standard, via Apple Insider. Using the new charger means you’ll be able to charge Apple’s wearable by plugging it into a modern MacBook, or any other laptop that’s made the switch to the more slimline port.

The new charger costs $29 / €35 / £29 with a cable that’s 0.3-m long. There’s no mention of a longer 1-m or 2-m variant being available like you can get with the USB Type-A charger. Charging time and power delivery are unlikely to be affected given that the induction charger appears unchanged.

The release comes just over a week before Apple is expected to release a new iPad Pro on October 30th which is rumored to be the first Apple tablet to come equipped with a USB-C port rather than Lightning. We wouldn’t be surprised if this means you’ll soon be able to charge your Apple Watch directly from the new device… but what about the Apple Pencil?