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Razer’s new gaming router offers more reliable Wi-Fi and mesh networking

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For when you don’t have a good way to connect via Ethernet

Image: Razer

Razer is entering the router market with a new product it’s calling Sila. Unlike most standard gaming routers on the market today, Razer says its model specializes in fast and reliable Wi-Fi. It also features mesh networking capabilities, for those who may not have an easy way to directly access their router via Ethernet.

That could be quite appealing to console gamers who keep their devices in living rooms or bedrooms and away from the main router. It’s also, as Razer points out in its press materials, a benefit for mobile gamers who are increasingly playing sophisticated and competitive titles like Epic’s Fortnite or Tencent’s Honor of Kings on phones and tablets.

Image: Razer

That said, we don’t yet know just how well the Razer Sila functions until we get a chance to try it. The company says its product is using a proprietary “smart traffic management” tool called Razer FasTrack that lets the router analyze traffic on the network and prioritize certain devices over others. “With built-in detection for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles, users can easily fine tune their networks for the smoothest gaming or streaming experiences,” reads the company’s announcement post. “Razer FasTrack also features a one-touch gaming mode, to automatically reserve bandwidth for online gaming.”

Still, if you’re an avid console gamer who’s suffered dropped connections, time outs, and other frustrating elements of playing on a wireless connection, Razer’s new product could be a powerful solution, albeit an expensive one. The company says the router will retail for $249.99 worldwide, starting on October 3rd. If you want to set up a mesh network at your home, which Razer says can cover up to 6,000 square feet, you’ll need to purchase two units.