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Misfit’s new smartwatch adds NFC and a standalone GPS for an extra $50

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After the delayed and drawn-out launch of its first touchscreen smartwatch last year, Misfit is back with its successor. The company announced the Vapor 2 today, which will be available “soon” for $249.99. (That’s up from $199.99 last year.) Not much has changed from the first model, except this version supports NFC and its display features slightly more pixels per inch (328 versus 326 ppi). It also includes a standalone GPS versus one that required a smartphone connection. The new watch now comes in multiple sizes — 41mm and 46mm — compared to last year’s 44mm.

Almost everything else about the watch is the same: it still features an AMOLED touchscreen, runs Wear OS, features a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, includes a heart rate monitor, and has Google Assistant built in. Basically, if the Misfit Vapor watch intrigued you last year but it was too big, you now have the option to size down and spend a little more money for it.