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Parrot releases useful new photo modes for its Anafi drone

The update includes a bunch of panorama options


Parrot debuted its folding Anafi drone this past summer, and now it’s releasing a software update to add functionality to its camera. Parrot is also launching what it calls Anafi Extended, a package deal that includes the drone, a carrying case, and two spare batteries. All this news comes ahead of the holiday season when, presumably, Parrot is hoping to sell some drones.

The camera updates include:

  • HDR+, which Parrot says should offer a wider dynamic range for photos and videos taken with the drone
  • Panorama photo mode, which includes a bunch of different options including vertical panorama, horizontal panorama, and a panorama sphere that rotates the drone 360 degrees as its camera vertically sweeps the scene at 180 degrees.
  • Dolly Zoom on a point of interest, which lets you use a dolly zoom while focusing on a specific thing, like a building. (The Dolly Zoom existed on the original software release but not with the point of interest option.)
  • Hyperlapse that’ll allow users to video record and play back at 15x, 30x, 60x, 120x, or 240x the speed. (It existed before but not up to 240x.)
  • Slow motion now shoots at 120 fps at a 720P resolution.

While those features might be immediately nifty for current Anafi owners, Parrot is also introducing its Anafi Extended pack to lure in new buyers with several extras. The spare batteries typically cost $99.99, and the drone goes for $649.99. The package costs $799.99, so it’s definitely a better deal than buying everything individually.