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Arlo cameras can now recognize pets, vehicles, and packages

Arlo cameras can now recognize pets, vehicles, and packages

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Arlo announced today that it’s adding more AI-detection features to its Arlo Smart subscription service for its home security cameras. The company will be rolling out features later this year that will let its Arlo cameras recognize pets, vehicles, and packages.

Arlo Smart uses computer vision technology to alert users of what triggered their camera’s motion sensors to begin recording. It’s a subscription service that starts at $2.99 per month and offers person detection and cloud activity zones, which let users determine specific areas to filter out so the camera isn’t triggered by background activity like trees swaying in the wind. It also sends users rich notifications of what the cameras recorded, which are viewable from the phone’s lock screen.


There’s also an Arlo Smart Premier plan that starts at $9.99 per month that adds support for up to 10 Arlo cameras and saves security footage to the cloud for a rolling 30 days. Smart Premier also adds E911 calling capabilities, which lets you call 911 directly from the app to connect you with your home’s nearest dispatchers, no matter where you are.

Arlo claims these are industry-first features, but smart home security company Netatmo’s Presence camera has had object detection for humans, pets, and vehicles since 2016. It also doesn’t charge a subscription fee, but it doesn’t come with Arlo’s E911 calling capabilities.