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The Asus ZenFone 6 leaks with the most unsightly notch of all

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‘It looks like a cliffhanger booger’

Image: C4ETech

Say what you will about the notches that have come out in the past year, but at least they were all centered. Leaked photos of Asus’ upcoming ZenFone 6 flagship phone were published by the likes of C4ETech, where the most offensive notch position has been sighted. It’s offset to the right-hand side!

Image: C4ETech

While you should take these leaked photos with a grain of salt, all I can think is, “Why, Asus?” I could play devil’s advocate and say that the notch is small and non-intrusive, like the ill-fated Essential Phone’s. These design choices might not be final or even real, but the aesthetic crime that Asus seems to be committing isn’t the size of the notch, but its positioning. It’s definitely something you won’t be able to ignore while watching videos or playing games. The trade-off is increased screen real estate, yet there’s a slightly thicker bottom lip for the screen with no added front-facing speaker like on the Pixel 3 XL.

Image: C4ETech

Going back to the ZenFone 6’s leaked specs, you can expect a triple-camera setup on the back. Three cameras on the back of a phone is a first for Asus, but not the for the industry, and certainly not for LG. The back also appears to have a fingerprint sensor, ruling out the inclusion of an in-display sensor, as seen on the recently announced OnePlus 6T.

Hopefully, Asus has some compelling features in store for this upcoming flagship because right now, I can’t unsee this weird notch placement.

Update on October 31st, 11:01AM ET: Post updated to reflect original source of leak.