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Nomad’s new wireless charger might fill the AirPower-shaped void in your life

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If Apple won’t ship, this should do for now

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Nomad has a new wireless charger out today, an updated version of the company’s existing Base Station charger that adds an additional integrated Apple Watch charger, and it might just fill the void of Apple’s seemingly indefinitely delayed AirPower charger.

The Apple Watch addition is the main difference from the original Base Station, along with a $20 price bump up to $119.99. The Base Station itself still has a lovely looking aluminum and leather base with three charging coils, allowing it to charge up to two devices at once without worrying too much about getting placement exactly lined up. Throw in a Qi charging AirPod case, and you’ve basically got your own AirPower.

And unlike most of these charging stands, the Apple Watch charger is an actual, MFi-approved stand (complete with support for the Watch’s Nightstand mode) that’s built directly into the Base Station, not a hollowed out puck for you to carefully place one of Apple’s own cables, which is nice to see on a more premium charging pad like this one. The Apple Watch charger does come at the expense of the USB-A and USB-C ports on the back of the cheaper Base Station, but if you’ve got an Apple Watch, it might be worth the trade.

The Base Station Apple Watch Edition is available from Nomad for $119.99.