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Fitbit’s updated Charge 3 will be out on October 7th

Fitbit’s updated Charge 3 will be out on October 7th


Starting at $149.95

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Image: Fitbit

Fitbit’s latest Charge 3 fitness tracker was announced back in August, and now we know when you’ll be able to buy one: October 7th. The Charge 3 will start at $149.95 for the Core version and $169.95 for the NFC-equipped Special Edition model that supports Fitbit Pay.

The Charge 3 offers a totally overhauled design from the Charge 2, with a high-res touchscreen, a more premium aluminum body, and Gorilla Glass 3 borrowed from the Versa line. It’s also water resistant and features better heart rate and oxygen sensors. But perhaps most importantly, it has an even better battery life: Fitbit claims up to seven days, up from five on the Charge 2.

A few features won’t be around until after launch

The Charge 3 will be out on the 7th, but Fitbit’s website notes that a few features won’t be available until after launch, including the ability to send “Quick replies” on Android, third-party apps, and support for Windows Phone devices.

Additionally, Fitbit has announced that it will open enrollment for its upcoming Fitbit Labs Sleep Score beta program starting in November. The Sleep Score beta will give Fitbit users a single nightly score to sum up their previous night’s sleep using heart rate data from Fitbit’s more recent devices (including the Charge 3, of course).