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Verizon ends sales of Google’s Pixel 2 as October 9th event nears

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Verizon no longer sells Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone, ending the device’s retail run just days before the Pixel 3 and 3 XL are due to be announced in New York City. Droid Life first noticed the change. Verizon was still selling the five-inch Pixel 2 as recently as late last month, according to the Internet Archive. Google continues to offer the unlocked device, but only in the 64GB storage option. The retail EOL (end of life) is evidence that Google (or at least Verizon) won’t be keeping the Pixel 2 around as a lower-priced alternative to the 3.


The Pixel 2 XL remains available for purchase online in both colors and storage capacities, though a check of in-store inventory shows that supply at Verizon’s retail locations is dwindling as the carrier makes room for two sizes of Google’s latest flagship.

Verizon was still selling the Pixel 2 as recently as late September.

The Pixel 2 was released on October 19th last year, and as with the original Pixel phones, Verizon was the exclusive US carrier. It’s expected that the company will retain that exclusivity clause for a third year in a row when the Pixel 3 is unveiled on October 9th.

The smaller-sized Pixel had a lower resolution (1080p) screen and smaller battery than the XL variant (and larger bezels). But some chose it for its one-handed ease of use and the Samsung-made OLED panel — especially after controversy arose over LG’s screens in the 2 XL in the weeks immediately following launch. The 2 XL display ended up being just fine, but the regular 2 was a really great compact device.