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These new Nokia headphones are waterproof wireless earbuds with built-in vibration

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Image: Nokia

HMD Global, the company that releases Nokia smartphones, announced its new flagship product today, the Nokia 7.1, and along with it, two new accessories: True Wireless earbuds and the Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones.

The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds provide up to 3.5 hours of use time, are waterproof, and come with a case that can charge the earbuds up to three times (for a total of 16 hours of play time). The Pro Wireless earbuds are connected to a neckband, have up to 10 hours of use, and have a built-in vibration to alert people when a call is coming in. Both accessories can be used to take calls without your phone.

Nokia is the latest brand to hop on wireless headphones, following in the steps of other companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung. Even Huawei announced its own true wireless FreeBuds earlier this year — that look a lot like Apple’s AirPods. According to Android Authority, the True Wireless earbuds will retail for 129 euros ($148), and the Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones for 69 euros ($79).