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Jarvish’s smart motorcycle helmets will offer Alexa and Siri support and an AR display

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Sort of like Iron Man’s Jarvis... ish? Jarvish?

Smart helmets seem like one of those great ideas that just haven’t really taken off yet, but that doesn’t mean that companies aren’t still trying. Jarvish — the latest to try to claim the crown — has an interesting take on the idea with its upcoming Jarvish X and Jarvish X-AR motorcycle helmets (via Engadget).

The Jarvish X is the more basic of the two models. It offers integrated microphones and speakers for Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa support so wearers have access things like directions, weather updates, and control music through voice control. There’s also a 2K, front-facing camera built into the helmet so you can record your ride. It’s set to cost $799 when it hits Kickstarter in January.

The X-AR goes a step beyond that, offering all of those features and adding a Google Glass-style augmented reality display for things like current speed, turn-by-turn directions, weather, incoming calls, and even a rearview mirror-esque video feed from a second rear-facing camera on the back of the helmet. It’s an ambitious idea, but it’ll really depend on how well it works in practice. (AR displays are notoriously tough to get right.) The added AR tech also makes the Jarvish X-AR far more expensive at $2,599, and it won’t be out until much later; a Kickstarter is planned for the second half of 2019.

Engadget notes that Jarvish is already selling the first generation of X helmets in Taiwan, so that may help allay some of your concerns about the tech when these helmets go on sale next year.