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The HyperX Cloud Mix wants to be your gaming headset and wireless headphones rolled into one

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Image: Kingston

HyperX has announced its first Bluetooth headset. Called the Cloud Mix, the headset’s use of the universal Bluetooth standard means that it will pair just as easily (or clumsily, as in the case of most Bluetooth connections) to your smartphone as it will to your PC. With an internal microphone in addition to the detachable mic arm, the Cloud Mix has a shot at avoiding the gamer-y look that stops most people from using gaming headsets as standalone wireless headphones.

The Cloud Mix isn’t HyperX’s first wireless headset, but its pre-existing Cloud Flight relied on a USB dongle to connect to your machine wirelessly. Gaming headset manufacturers have previously relied on these dongles to reduce latency and offer cross-compatibility between PC and consoles. We haven’t had a chance to try out the Mix yet to see how responsive it is, but the change means you’ll need to use it in wired mode if you want to use it with a console.

Playback time is rated for 20 hours, which is about average for a pair of wireless headphones in 2018. Once that power’s gone, you’ll be charging them over Micro USB — no USB Type-C here, unfortunately.

Even if it doesn’t do everything perfectly, the Cloud Mix has the advantage of working in so many different situations that it might not end up mattering. The headset is available now in the US for $199.99.