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Last-minute Google Pixel 3 leaks reveal colors, AI camera features, and even the retail box

Last-minute Google Pixel 3 leaks reveal colors, AI camera features, and even the retail box

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The latest leaked images of the Pixel 3.
The latest leaked images of the Pixel 3.
Image: Evan Blass

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have already leaked pretty much in their entirety, as have a vast majority of the company’s other hardware announcements slated for its New York City event tomorrow. But the leakers aren’t done yet. With less 24 hours to go until the event kicks off at 11AM ET, we have a round of fresh leaks that shed light on the Pixel 3’s new artificial intelligence-powered camera features and give us another glimpse at the available color schemes.

From VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, we now have some more photos showing off the Pixel 3 and its larger variant in all three available colors. That includes the white, black, and new pink “sand” option, which first leaked last week:

Blass also got his hands on an image of the upcoming Pixel Slate tablet, which happened to leak first over the weekend:

Over at 9to5Google, more images of the full retail box and packaging were leaked on Sunday. The publication also got its hands on images of an operating version of the retail phone, including its settings screen and a list of installed apps. The retail version of the Pixel 3 leaked in full last week when the device was sold prematurely by a retailer in Hong Kong, with Engadget having been fortunate enough to get its hands on the device early.

One final leak, also from 9to5Google, includes a significant chunk of information about the new AI-powered camera features on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. According to the report, two new modes called Top Shot and Photobooth will use software to pick out the best photos and selfies taken with the camera. Top Shot will work by taking a burst of photos before and after you press the shutter and picking the best one, while Photobooth will analyze photos you take of either yourself or others and pick out the ones it thinks are the most photogenic.

The Pixel 3 camera is said to include new Top Shot and Photobooth shooting modes

Other camera features that leaked include a new zoom option called “super res zoom” that could use AI to fill in detail when zooming in close to a subject using the Pixel 3, although we don’t have a lot of concrete information on that yet, 9to5Google notes. There will also reportedly be a subject-tracking focus mode, so you don’t have to re-focus the Pixel 3 camera by tapping the screen.

Of course, this information and all the details regarding the new hardware, which is said to include a third-generation Chromecast and the new Pixel Slate tablet, will be revealed in full tomorrow. So much of what’s leaked or rumored could change slightly in the final marketing material. That said, we now have quite an unprecedented level of knowledge about this Google hardware event ahead of time, leaving very little room for surprises.