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Devialet shrinks its Phantom speaker but keeps signature sci-fi design intact

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Devialet has announced a new compact version of its eye-catching Phantom speaker. Called the Phantom Reactor, the new model is just a quarter of the size of the previous Phantom, but it attempts to preserve much of the pricey original’s appeal.

What people like about the Phantom speakers — aside from the fact that they look like a Daft Punk-designed Xenomorph egg — is their ability to get ridiculously loud without distortion while generating an impressively wide soundstage from a comparatively small enclosure. A full range of streaming services are supported (including Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and Bluetooth), and multiple Phantoms can be paired together to create a stereo or multiroom system.

There are two versions of the new Reactor available, offering you the choice of a total amplification power of 600W or 900W, but neither is particularly cheap. Prices start at $999 for the 600W model, while the more powerful version will set you back $1,299. Both will be released on October 24th.