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V-Moda’s new Bassfit earphones enter the fitness game for $130

V-Moda’s new Bassfit earphones enter the fitness game for $130


And they have three ways to stay in your ears

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Image: V-Moda

V-Moda is releasing its first pair of fitness neckbuds today called the BassFit. They employ what V-Moda is calling “TriFit design,” meaning there are three different wear options to accomplish the best fit.

The first TriFit option uses flexible ear hooks that wrap around your ears to help the earbuds stay in place, the second option uses ear fins, and the third TriFit implementation uses both fins and hooks. These are handy features to ensure the fit is as snug as possible.

Image: V-Moda

The BassFit weigh just 17 grams, they have weather and sweat resistance, and they support AptX and AAC audio codecs for better and lower-latency audio. You can also connect the earbuds to two devices simultaneously. The BassFit have a fast charging feature that takes just 15 minutes of charging to provide 2.5 hours of playback time, and a full charge will get 11 hours total of playback time. Also, like many other Bluetooth headphones, the BassFit support both Google Assistant and Siri, which are accessible using the three-button in-line remote.

The earphones don’t have a fitness-tracking feature or accompanying app, so you can really only value their utility for scenarios where you might need weather-resistant Bluetooth headphones — like working out. Still, buyers can have some confidence in V-Moda: it has offered over-ear, on-ear, and regular earbud-style headphones to positive acclaim in the past.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of neckbuds, but the considerable amount of attention V-Moda has put on the fit of the BassFit and how they can be worn by different people is something I’m looking forward to seeing.

The V-Moda BassFit are available starting today, in black or white, for $130 on V-Moda’s website, Amazon, or authorized retailers.