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Roku TV Wireless Speakers launch November 16th for $200

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Roku’s wireless speakers designed to work exclusively with Roku TVs will ship beginning tomorrow, the company announced today. The set, which includes two speakers, a Roku voice remote, and the new Roku Touch tabletop remote, will sell for $200. But if you purchase between this coming Sunday and Cyber Monday, Roku is discounting it down to $150.

The speakers work wirelessly and don’t need to be plugged directly into a Roku TV. That’s the benefit of Roku having control over both the hardware and TV’s software. (You will need to plug each speaker into its own outlet, however.) The company has built a number of features into the speakers like automatic volume leveling, night mode (which reduces loud sounds), and speech clarity. Aside from being optimized for Roku TVs through automatic pairing, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers also support Bluetooth audio.


The Roku Touch finally lets users customize its shortcut buttons — a long-running request I’ve had — and has a push-to-talk microphone that offers voice control for playing music or launching apps on the TV. It seems like a useful thing to put in an area within earshot of the TV such as a kitchen.

I’ll be reviewing the Roku TV Wireless Speakers soon, so stay tuned to see whether they’re worth picking over a soundbar for upgrading your Roku TV’s tinny speakers.