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Razer’s BlackWidow Lite turns its gaming keyboard professional

Razer’s BlackWidow Lite turns its gaming keyboard professional


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Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard is probably the company’s most well-known gaming keyboard, and now it’s getting a more professionally focused version with the BlackWidow Lite.

The BlackWidow Lite is a mechanical keyboard, which may raise an eyebrow for those who have co-workers who don’t enjoy the clatter of keys, but the company says that its using its Razer Orange switches for “near-silent, tactile feedback.” The keyboard also comes with additional o-rings for the keys to help cut out even more noise, if that’s your thing.

The rest of the BlackWidow Lite is pretty standard for a Razer keyboard. There’s illuminated keys that can be synced with Razer’s Synapse app (although they’re sadly just white LEDs, not the usual rainbow). And while the focus of the BlackWidow Lite is on work, it’ll do just fine for gaming: the keys are fully programable with macros, and there’s a built-in gaming mode that disables the Windows key and alt+tab keyboard combination so you don’t accidentally switch out of your game in a crucial moment.

The BlackWidow Lite is available now from Razer for $89.99.