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We’ve come full circle with this Apple Watch iPod nano concept

We’ve come full circle with this Apple Watch iPod nano concept

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Nostalgia is a funny thing, because your emotions trick you into thinking you want something that has absolutely no functional value. This Apple Watch iPod nano concept, published on Behance by Korean designer Joyce Kang, is an example that suddenly makes you appreciate the iPod nano that’s currently sitting in a dusty corner of your drawer.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, the concept images show a silicone case in the shape of Apple’s classic click-wheel iPod, that neatly houses an Apple Watch Series 4. None of the buttons on the case are functional, of course, but are just there for aesthetic purposes. You’d still be able to use the Apple Watch as normal, through the touchscreen or via a pair of wireless earbuds.


About seven years ago, before Apple realized that iPods were so over and people now preferred listening to their illegally downloaded mp3s from Limewire on their smartphones, companies were making watchbands for the sixth-generation iPod nano to fill the gap before the Apple Watch was introduced. Now we’ve come full circle, turning the watchface back into an iPod nano screen.

Kang, who designs cases for Caseology Design Lab, told Gizmodo that the iPod case will be coming soon. That’s good new for those of us who can’t resist stuff like this retro Mac-shaped iPhone stand or Apple Watch stand that’s selling at Urban Outfitters for $20.