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Samsung’s new line of 860 QVO SSDs offers big storage at an appealing price

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Image: Samsung

Samsung just revealed its new solid state drive (SSD) lineup that has up to 4TB of storage capacity. The new Samsung 860 QVO SSDs are meant for PC users with large storage needs who don’t want to break the bank; the smallest option offers 1TB for $150. There’s also a 2TB version in the middle.

The new line promises excellent performance for the price. The 860 QVO SSD is built on Samsung’s 4-bit multi-level cell flash architecture and has a 2.5-inch form factor to fit into most laptops and desktops. The 860 QVO has an MJX controller that can push read speeds up to 550 Mb/s and write speeds of up to 520 Mb/s. That’s not quite as fast as the 860 Pro series, but you’re spending considerable less money. (The 1TB 860 Pro costs $300.)

The 860 QVO drives will be available on December 16th through Samsung and its usual retail partners, and they come with a three-year limited warranty.