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Google Home Mini’s new aqua model is now shipping — a month late

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Joins coral, gray, and black options

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Image: Google

It’s a month late, but the aqua version of Google’s Home Mini is now shipping in the US (via Android Police). The funky-colored smart speaker was originally announced ahead of Google’s October 9th hardware event with a planned release date of October 29th. The Home Mini’s latest color is now available at the Google Store and Walmart for $49.

When the standard Google Home was first announced, Google made a big deal about the fact that you could remove its speaker grille in order to change its color from the standard conservative gray. However, when the Home Mini arrived on the scene, these customization options were sacrificed at the altar of price and portability. In other words, whichever color of Google Home Mini you choose to buy, you’re going to be stuck with it — so choose carefully. The other colorful option, coral, also remains available.