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Apple cases for the iPhone XS increases to twelve, iPhone XR still zero

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Apple Watch gets six more band colors

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The three new iPhone XS case colors include yellow, green and pink.
Image: Apple

If you’re looking to add a dash more color to your iPhone or Apple Watch then you now have a few more options to choose from. Apple is now selling three additional colors of silicone cases and watch straps on the Apple Store in yellow, green and pink (via MacRumors). In addition to these new colors, the teal, olive and mauve Watch straps that were previously exclusively available through Nike’s iPhone app are now also available for purchase directly from Apple.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of any official first-party cases for the iPhone XR. Previously we’ve speculated that the reason for the lack of cases has to do with the handset’s bright color schemes, which you wouldn’t want to cover up with an opaque shield. Mysteriously a clear case that appeared in press materials in some regions prior to the phone’s release is yet to materialise, although there are now plenty of third-party alternatives to choose from.

Straps for the Apple Watch are also available in the new colors.
Image: Apple