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This Nintendo Switch adapter turns your GameCube controllers wireless

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8BitDo’s GBros. is perfect for Smash

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GBros. Photo courtesy 8bitdo.

The competitive community breathed a sigh of relief when Nintendo revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would support classic GameCube controllers, the preferred gamepad for the fighting series. But it also meant that fans would need to snag an adapter to get the old wired controllers working with the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the best solution so far is GBros., a new wireless option from 8BitDo, a company that has made a name for itself with excellent retro controllers and very useful adapters.

The $19.99 device is simple. You plug your GameCube controller into the adapter, and it connects wirelessly to your Switch. It gives you the best of both worlds, with an ideal Smash controller that isn’t restricted by wires. 8BitDo says the adapter has 30 hours of battery life, and it also has both a Switch home and screenshot button. It even comes in that iconic GameCube shade of purple.


And while it’s clearly designed with Nintendo’s fighter in mind, the GBros. also has some other uses. It works with Windows, for starters, and features a port that supports several other gamepads, including Nintendo’s Classic Edition line and the old Wii Classic controller. You can preorder the GBros. on Amazon starting today, though it isn’t expected to ship until December 7th — the exact same day Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches.